We at DPD Team Concrete understand that concrete (the combination of cement, flyash or slag, sand, stone, chemicals and water) creates one of the most unique building materials in existence. We also understand that with this uniqueness comes a very fine balance that must be maintained. We maintain this balance through a system of carefully monitored procedures.


1) Quality Control Team

Our quality control facilities are NRMCA certified. Our plant managers and our quality control team are NCDOT certified. Our quality control team also includes our sales staff. All of the personnel work together as a team to provide for the customers’ needs while providing a superior product.


2) Raw Materials

All materials used in the manufacture of our concrete are from sources that

are NCDOT approved. These sources are monitored closely by the NCDOT on a regular basis and are also monitored by our quality control staff.


3) Mix Design

Every concrete project is unique. We have mix designs for nearly every imaginable application and we have the ability to design mixes for those applications that have yet to be imagined. Our mixes are designed with cement as the basic material. Cement is the most expensive ingredient in the concrete mix; it is also the most important. We do not substitute chemicals for cement. We use chemicals to enhance concrete not to replace cement. This is the reason our mixes place better, finish better and endure longer.


4) Testing

We have a laboratory facility located at our Jacksonville Plant. Here we design and test mixes from all of our locations. Mixes are tested daily. All tests are recorded so that each mix can be tracked and its performance monitored and evaluated. We alsowork in conjunction with outside testing agencies to assure performance results. Our equipment is checked regularly and maintained to the manufacturer’s specifications. We offer on-site testing to our customers and frequently perform comparison tests with the on-site testing agency.


5) Project Management

We encourage relationships with our contractors and/or owners. We find it beneficial to have meetings with the contractor, concrete contractors, sales personnel, and quality control personnel to discuss the needs of the project. These needs can include time lines, mix designs, placement methods, testing, safety, contact personnel, and any topic that can help the project go as smoothly as possible. Communication and understanding by all involved on the project make for a pleasant and profitable experience for all.


We invite you to call our local sales representative and have them plan a time for you to meet with our quality control team.